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Thanks so much for your prompt personal attention to the repair of my car.  You completed the repairs in a timely fashion and the car now looks as good as new.  We will gladly recommend you to all our friends.  Thanks, again.

-Dave and Chris Witmer Littleton
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  <p class=" " style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 10pt"><font face="Calibri">This is one of our recent custom builds. The truck received new custom paint, wheels, tires, lift kit along with many other exterior modifications including an all steel cowl induction hood, power sliding rear window, custom bed modifications, custom built trailer hitch and much more. It received many interior mod's also, including rear DVD entertainment system, front multi media system, dual amplifiers, new speaker system and subwoofer's/ enclosure.</font></p>
Note the tail lamps, bumper and tailgate handle
Grille and bumper to be modified
Original back window to be replaced with a custom power slider
Headliner to be modified for entertainment system
Removing parts and trim for painting
Stripping old paint from cab
Cab section painted
Tailgate handle removed. Cutting fill plate to &quot;shave&quot;
Rear differential cover to be replaced by custom cover with dipstick and temp sending unit
New cover installed
Fitting new late model bumper/ fabricating custom brackets to fit 2007 bumper
New bumper and flares fit. Removing new bumper. sending out to have de-chromed for painting
&nbsp;Paint stripped from doors
&nbsp;Doors painted/ preliminary clear coat applied. Will sand/ prep for custom paint work
Paint stripped from front fenders
Fenders painted
Tailgate shave plate welded
Doors re-installed. Doors/ fenders sanded. flame layout complete. Beginning spraying of flames
Painting of cab complete
Shaving tail lamps. Installing close out panels
Center section of original grille cut- removed
&nbsp;Fitting new billet grille insert
Rear lift kit, new wheels- tires and rear traction bars installed
&nbsp;Front suspension removed. Installing front lift
Front lift/ wheels and tires installed
Cutting/ fitting DVD bezel to fit headliner contour. Dome lamp relocated to rear. Holes cut for new custom visors. Sending to trim shop to be recovered
Headliner recovered. DVD player bezel covered in factory material
Reinstalling headliner/ factory wiring. Installing wiring for DVD player, relocated dome lamp and custom lighted sun visors
New custom electric, power sliding back window installed
New windshield installed
<font size="2">Replacing factory stereo w/ Alpine AM/FM, H/D, Sattelite, CD/ DVD player, TV moniter, navigation multi media station. Supplier says. &quot;THIS UNIT CANNOT BE INSTALLED IN THIS TRUCK!!&quot; .. Riigght..</font>
We are experts at making square pegs fit round holes.. Instrument panel reinforcement cut/ trimed to clear head unit. Hand built brackets installed.
Factory dash bezel too wide for head unit.. Oh no!!
Rebuilding bezel with 2 part plastic
&nbsp;Bezel built to fit new head unit. Preparing for paint
They said it couldn't be done.. Head unit installed
Rear DVD- moniter, new lighted 2 piece sun visors installed
Dome lamp rewired/ relocated to rear
Rear DVD- moniter, front head unit install complete. Units wired together so that movies can be viewed on both screens simultaneously
Installing new TMA speakers, tweeters and cross overs in front doors
New Alpine S series speakers installed in rear doors
&nbsp;Block sanding clear coat to smooth flame edges
Front bumper face bar and running boards back from being powder coated
Grille/ lower front bumper cover andfront fender flares painted
Custom fit late model front bumper and custom billet grille installed
Custom extended mirrors painted and installed. Old flat black, textured door handles replaced with new smooth painted Denali handles
Test fitting custom built steel roll pan. Measuring for trailer hitch that will be custom built
Removing bed sides for reinforcing of tail lamp shave panels and back side of repairs
&nbsp;Rear fender clearence lamps to be shaved
Custom running boards reassembled and installed

  <p class=" " style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 10pt"><span style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Arial&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">A hidden receiver hitch must be used with the custom roll pan. Truck tows 14k pounds with 1200 pounds tongue weight. A hidden hitch is not made that is rated for this. Will fabricate a custom hitch<span>&nbsp; </span></span></p>
Frame must be cut/ trimmed for new custom roll pan mounted tail lamps. Removing factory applied cavity wax from frame
Frame trimmed. New hitch plate, custom built receiver and gussets installed
&nbsp;D ring tie downs welded in place
Hitch build complete
Fitting/ building hitch insert for equilizer hitch
Custom all steel cowl induction hood painted and installed
Bedside/ tailgate filling complete. Primer coat applied. Beginning prep for refinishing
Painting of bed panels complete. Beginning re-install/ polishing
Re-assembling/ installing bed. Final fitting/ finishing roll pan
Spray on bed liner material applied to wheel wells for chip protection
Interior removed for replacement of carpet- routing of component wiring
New carpet/ dual amps installed
New custom subwoofer enclosure installed
Hand building wiring harness for custom tail lamps
Hitch build complete
Custom tail lamp install complete
Tail gate handle relocated to inside of gate
&nbsp;Spray on bed liner installed
Custom build complete. Its not Grandpas dually anymore!!

9843 Titan Court • Littleton, CO • 80125