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Subject: Wonderful Job

Message: I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job on my bumper repairs.  You guys went above and beyond my expectations. Although there was not much damage to my bumper, you repaired the entire bumper so that it looks brand new and cleaned the car!  Other body shops are not that considerate.  I appreciate the attention to detail & the level of customer service.

-Helen V. Littleton
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My nephew is turning 16 this month. His Dad and I decide to customize the family Jeep for his birthday present. It’s a 5 week project, we have 8 days…
We’re gong to give the Jeep a very custom “Matte Black” finish. It is a color change, so we’ll need to remove pretty much everything from the body in order to change all of the yellow to black, inside and out.
Day 1: It’s been an all day rip and tear. All interior removed so we can paint the inside of the tub
All body panels and parts removed.
<p>Front clip removed for painitng. All engine bay parts and wiring removed/ set back for painting of the cowl.</p>
Day 2: Looks like a Jeep exploded in the paint shop.
Sheet metal repairs complete. Beginning prep for primer coat. hood has a lot of minor damage. Not enough time to repair. Will need to replace the hood.
Primer coat applied. Parts ready for paint prep.
Day 3: Inside of the tub, roll bar&nbsp;and cowl panel painted.
Painting all the small parts and accessories
We had Line-X spary on bedliner applied to the under side of the fenders to eliminate “Rock pings” from the tires.
Day 4: Tub prepped for paint. Refinishing in process
Exterior of the tub painted.
Day 5: looks like a Jeep exploded in the paint booth. Put together on the tub is in process. body panels prepped. Painting in process. Front panels are next.
Reinstalling the body panels. after numerous trips to the fastener store, (Thanks Don!)&nbsp;replacing all of the factory hardware with stainless steel for a “Mechanical look”. Interior reinstalled.
Windshield frame and new windshield installed. Reinstalling the wiring/ mechanicals in the engine bay.
Finding Gremlins along the way. Radiator is leaking. Damaged radiator removed.
Day 6: Front body panels painted.
Day 6: Completing reinstall of front clip.
Day 7: Laying out the custom black on black “Shadow flames”. Going with a Tribal design.
Artist extraordinaire Todd A. has laid out the flame design and is now air brushing the edges.
Flame job complete.
New custom wheels installed.
Day 8: The day is spent completing all of the put together, installing a truck load of new accessories from custom stainless steel hood locks, to new shocks with black boots, black on black Jeep decals, customizing the fuel door with the stainless steel look, fixing wiring gremlins, mounting new off road driving lights, detailing, etc. etc. etc…
Day 9: This photo with my daughter is staged so we can convince the birthday boy his 17 year old cousin painted his Jeep. you know, to shame him..
Ready to roll
Loves it!
Head&nbsp;members of the Spoiled Rotten Gang.

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