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Subject: 2007 Dodge Ram

Message: Thanks for the repairs to my vehicle. It is truly in new condition. The excellent quality workmanship and attention to detail shows in the work performed. We are grateful to have someone who performs to this level in our area.

-Steve Choromanski Littleton
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Beginning restoration

  <p>Removing parts/&nbsp;trim for paitning</p>
Removing body panels for repair. Fuel tank removed
Wheels removed/ dismounted for powdercoating
Sheet metal repairs in process
&nbsp;Hidden rust found. Must sandblast/ repair
Rt inner qtr rust will need to be removed/ patch panel installed
Left rear floor section rusted/ pulled from inner rocker panel
Wheels powdercoated

  <p>Stripping paint from damaged panels</p>
New tires/ wheels installed
Welding rust patches in place
Removing rust in door panels
Door/ left fender repair complete
Floor rust
Repairing left door opening. Cracking from prior damage/ repair
Quarter windows removed. Interior removed for floor repairs
Removing incorrect package tray installed prior. Prepping for install of correct bus. coupe tray
Replacement shelf panel is rusted through at gutter. Must remove/ section with existing pane
Rear shelf installed
Quarter panel repair complete. Completing roof repairs
Outer sheet metal repairs on rear body complete. Etching primer applied
Primer coat applied. Beginning block sanding/ prep for reprime
&nbsp;Right fender repair/ glaze coat complete
Block sanding rear body section/ prepping for reprime
Left/ right apron/ fender brackets rusted through/ broken. Fabricating replacement brackets
Radiator support/ Fender aprons removed for repair and painting
Removing 62 years worth of crud
&nbsp;Right fender primed. Final primer coat applied to rear body
Refinishing of rear body section- jambs complete. Beginning sanding- polishing
Repair/ Undercoating/ Painting of front clip complete. Clip re-installed
Front fenders/ doors painted. Beginning re-install
Front fenders/ doors re-installed. Beginning sanding and polishing of these panels
Rear fender repair/ glaze coat complete. Beginning prep for primer coat
Rear fenders primed. Block sanding/ prepping for re-prime
Rear fenders painted
&nbsp;Hood/ Deck lid stripped. Sheet metal repairs complete. Prepping for primer coat
Primer coat applied to hood and deck. Beginning prep for painting of undersides
Hood and deck lid painted
Installing rebuilt fuel tank

  <p>New tank straps are too long. Will need to modify/ fabricate ends</p>
installing rear fenders and new welting
Replacing rusted floor/ Rocker sections
Floor sections removed
New floor sections installed. Beginning prep for painitng. Will also be spraying the entire floor with a rust converter. This will stop the surface rust&nbsp;prior to install of the new interior
Applying corrosion protection, seam sealers and body schutz to underside of floor repairs
Sill panels painted. Rust converter applied to floor
&quot;Business Coupe&quot; frame work painted
Back windows reinstalled
New windshield cut/ Installed
Chrome plating-Polishing of stainless complete. Put together in process
Completing put together. Final polishing/ glazing in process&nbsp; (on hold for upper hood lock and windshield divider. Should have by the end of the week)
Restoration complete!!

9843 Titan Court • Littleton, CO • 80125