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Subject: 2007 Dodge Ram

Message: Thanks for the repairs to my vehicle. It is truly in new condition. The excellent quality workmanship and attention to detail shows in the work performed. We are grateful to have someone who performs to this level in our area.

-Steve Choromanski Littleton
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Beginning repairs to the boat hull and trailer **This job is a “Filler” Will be repaired as time allows
Repairing the damage to the custom waverunner trailer extension. We will be redesigning them to work with an Equil-I-Zer hitch.
We will be installing an electric over hydraulic trailer brake system that will also perform much better with the hitch system
We will also be redesigning the waverunner bunks and changing the angle so they will drain properly when loaded
Lifting the waverunners from the trailer for the repairs
Surge brake removed. Fitting the new coupler. Removing the front rails
Right rail re-angled. Beginning left
Runner bunks fabricated/ re-angled
Fabricating mount brackets for the hydraulic pump and the breakaway battery
custom spare hub and wheel/tire mount fabricated
Welding and fabrication on the trailer complete
Waverunner rails/ bunks removed for painting
<p>Rails and hub carrier painted and reinstalled</p>
Removing the vinyl striping
Hull repairs in process
Repairing the fiberglass damage to the radar arch
Beginning the removal of the anti-fouling bottom paint. We will be applying a new gel coat to the hull bottom.
Boat removed from the trailer for the bottom repairs
Continuing scraping-removal of the bottom paint. Found additional hull damge on the right side. Grinding the cracks away prior to the fiberglass repair
Completing the additional hull repairs. Trim tabs removed, sent out for polishing
Stripping of bottom paint complete. Prepping for gel coat application
Additional damage to the keel found during prep. Repairs in process
<p>Gel coating of the hull bottom complete. Will be painting the hull sides as it will be much easier to produce a flat finish and nice sheen. Will offer better UV protection also.</p>
The outside trailer bunks are rotted and worn. Building new bunks
Most wooden bunks are secured with lag bolts. If you’ve had one come loose or fall off while launching or loading a boat, you know this is not an ideal way to mount them. We counter sink rust proof through bolts. This is a permanent solution to the problem
New bunks covered and installed
Sanding and polishing of gel coat complete. Boat set on trailer/ new bunks. Completing repair of hull side imperfections
Hull repairs complete. Primer coat applied. Beginning prep for refinishing
Refinishing of hull sides complete. Beginning color sanding/ polishing
Sanding complete. Polsihing in process
Newly polished trim tabs and stern hardware installed
Removing decals and “restoring” the gel coat on the waverunners
Radar arch removed for painting
Waverunners trailered
Primer coat applied to radar arch. Prepping for refinishing
We have designed some custom decals resembling Donz’s later model design and matching the boat colors
Radar arch painted and reinstalled. Installing the custom graphics
Custom decals installed
Repairs complete!!

9843 Titan Court • Littleton, CO • 80125