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Shawn Marin,

Thank you for the great repairs! And thanks so much for making an impossible situation with the insurance company a pleasant experience in the end. All of my friends will know about you and your shop.

-Carol D. Littleton
If you're looking for quality... Look to us.


This is a custom build for a special little Brazilian woman. She has lived only in big cities all her life. Such a city girl that she has never had a car or a drivers licensee for that matter
Now living in the expanse of Colorado, driving is a must. Purchased from a city and county auction, we begin the build on this former undercover police car that was killed in the line of duty
After tear down, found more damage than anticipated. Repair with new parts is cost prohibitive.
Located a parts car and brought it in from IA
Parts car disassembled. Repairs in process
Unibody realignment in process
Installing replacement panels
Refinishing of replacement panels complete. Beginning custom painting
Glass/ trim removed for paint work
About this time Paula mentions how leaning to drive is very confusing. "we should call the car confusion" It stuck..
We tapped our friends at emblemart.com and had them create these custom emblems
Blacking out the emblems to go along with the theme of the build
Laying out/ spraying the accent stripes
A matte black finish and a true kandy color are 2 of the most difficult to apply and make look correct. Master painter Luke makes it look like child's play
New custom spoiler painted/ ready for install
Crew member Will suggested blacking out the belt line moldings
Great idea!
Blacking out tail lamps and Ford emblems
Custom painting complete. Beginning put together
Beginning custom square tube grille install
Tail lamps/ emblems installed
Installing new custom Mustang GT style sequential headlamps
Custom bumper lip painted/ installed
Custom staggered wheel and tire set received.
In addition to the Confusion emblem, we had this custom heart created.
We also had this custom Brazilian flag overlay created, then clear coated the whole thing
Emblem install complete
Build complete!!

9843 Titan Court • Littleton, CO • 80125