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Subject: Wonderful Job

Message: I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job on my bumper repairs.  You guys went above and beyond my expectations. Although there was not much damage to my bumper, you repaired the entire bumper so that it looks brand new and cleaned the car!  Other body shops are not that considerate.  I appreciate the attention to detail & the level of customer service.

-Helen V. Littleton
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Our old company truck "The Dually"  Served and represented us well for nearly 18 years. It was time for an upgrade. After an exhaustive search for a "new used" truck it was decided new was the way to go. This truck was immediately customized in Marin fashion and will hopefully serve as well as it's predecessor.
Our canvas
First order of business.. De-trimming - De-chroming
All necessary parts/ trim removed for custom painting
Because of their design, the doors must be removed in order to remove weatherstripping that cannot be masked off
Weatherstripping removed. Doors reinstalled for custom paint work.
Paint prep complete. Beginning the custom flame layout
Flame layout complete
Most have heard of base coat/ clear coat (2 stage) or even 3 or "Tri stage" paints. This is essentially a "quintuple" stage. Base coat black, white "Kandy" base, 2 shades of "Kandy" blue and green and then clear coat.
Applying the Kandy greens
The artwork is complete. First of 3 separate layers of clear coat applied. This will be block sanded to smooth the edges of the flames
!st clear coat block sanded. Hand painted pinstripe applied to the flame edges for contrast.
2nd clear coat applied. This will be block sanded to smooth the hand pin striping, then clear coated one final time to give it  a smooth glass like finish with no edges from the artwork
Paint work complete. Sanding and polishing the factory finish on the bed to match the very smooth finish on the cab
Paint work complete. Beginning put together and blacking out all of the chrome
This truck is getting some altitude, so custom painting and installing drop step bars so we don't split our pants getting in and out
The truck is now getting an 8-10" lift kit. Of course we'll crank it all the way up, so let's call it 10
For good measure and higher fluid capacity, It's getting a custom differential cover
Next is this really kick ass traction bar kit from Fabtech. MUCH higher quality than kits we've used previously
Traction bar bar brackets welded in place
Traction bar install complete
Step bars painted/ Installed
New 37" X 13.5" tires installed on Fuel 22" X 14" deep lip wheels

9843 Titan Court • Littleton, CO • 80125